The Good List: Mother’s Day Edition

Hopefully you already have something special in mind for your mom, but if not here are some inspired suggestions.

  1. Remade tote made from recycled leather
  2. Garden City Essentials natural perfume
  3. African Print Robe
  4. CXBO handmade chocolate
  5. Repurposed book journals
  6. Louve Montreal wood and leather necklace
  7. Endearment brass napkin ring

The Good List is a curated list of things that are good for you, your community and the planet.

Powder Room Towel Bar DIY

I first saw this project on Better Homes & Gardens and filed it away (okay, actually bookmarked it because who files things anymore?) waiting for just the right space to come along.


The perfect space turned out to be the main floor powder room in a house I’ve been working on. This bathroom is just off the main living/dining area so it needed to be a bit classy to fit in with the rest of the house.

The panelling is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White CC-40 and the space above the paneling will soon be covered with the most amazing wallpaper, but I’ll share that another day. The faux bamboo regency mirror was a Kijiji find, it still needs a quick coat of gold spray paint to tone down the 1980’s brassiness. The light fixture is from Lowes. This powder room needed a towel bar that added to the lux feel without looking too “bathroomy”. Know what I mean? Lucite to the rescue!

The Hunted & Gathered Towel Bar DIY

The plastic acrylic rod came from here but there are other suppliers from Canada that carry this and you may even be able to find it in your local hardware store. The most difficult part of this project is finding curtain brackets that stick out far enough from the wall. These are similar to the ones used in the picture. Gold spray paint classed these guys up a bit and tied them in with the rest of the room’s accents.

Don’t forget to paint the screws. A KFC bucket proved to be very helpful in this project. Styrofoam would also work.

Once the brackets were painted, the acrylic rod was cut to size and hung. We had enough acrylic leftover to make a toilet paper roll too.

Ta da! These new fixtures add a pop of colour and warmth, I love how this space is coming together.

The acrylic rods also come in black and white. I’d love to do a modern towel bar with a black rod and black brackets. But I’ll just have to file this idea away until I find just the right space.

Happy Hunting!

Renovation Motivation

We’re friends, right? So we can chat openly about the big issues. Just because I talk about decorating here doesn’t mean I endorse that you blindly follow or buy into every home decor trend that comes along (the 80’s reboot is just too much for me). Even some of the trends I blog about I don’t always love in real life or think they’re practical for my house or my family. I feel the same way about renovating. My husband and I have renovated three houses but this by no means makes me an expert. Sometimes I think it makes me a fool. HGTV, renovation blogs and Home Depot commercials make renovating look like a breeze. It is, in fact, not a breeze, but rather a Category 5 hurricane ripping through your house. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I think people shouldn’t renovate, but  they should know exactly what they’re getting themselves into.

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The Hunted & Gathered Podcast Episode 8: Tiffany Pratt

This week on the podcast I chat with Tiffany Pratt. During our conversation I kept thinking “Yes! This girl gets it!”. I was deeply moved by her passion for individuality in design and life. If your home is feeling lackluster and needs revitalization, this episode is for you. If you’re feeling unsure of how to inject your own personality into your space, this episode is for you too. If you love colour, authentic beauty and have your own defined sense of style then you will find a kindred spirit in Tiffany.

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Spring Forward

Spring is almost in reach. Not that the temps around here would have you believe it, but that hour of daylight that we gained over the weekend has me convinced it’s on its way!


Is there any colour that speaks to spring’s verdurous rebirth more than green? I’m currently loving moss green, chartreuse and kelly green. These shades are a bit more warm-weather orientated than their trendy autumnal cousins, hunter, army or pine. Paired with unexpected partners such as coral and pink, these greens will inject spring time freshness into your decor.

Moss Green + Coral


This lovely bedroom by the talented Emily Henderson is the perfect balance of green and coral. The green is grounding while the coral introduces warmth. It’s soothing neutral backdrop keeps this space feeling calm while letting the colours have their say.

Chartreuse + Cobalt


Chartreuse has a reputation of being hard to get along with and being too outspoken. But in the right dose, this colour can be outstanding in a supporting role. Chartreuse also plays nice with brown, grey, purple and teal. The best part is that you only need a small amount of this powerhouse colour to to make an impact.

Kelly Green + Pink + Indigo


This preppy combo scores extra points for being bright, happy and not too trendy. Using the green and blue (a classic colour palette!) as the foundation, fun accents like pink, orange or even yellow can be introduced into this room.

Fresh picked spring-like accents spring for your home:

Abstract Art

1  / 2

3 / 4

Olive Green Sofa


Coral Paint

Indigo Area Rug

Blissville Glowing Florette Rug   

Watercolour Throw Pillow

2  /  3

Happy Spring!

The Artisanal Made Home


On a recent trip to a well known home goods store I was overwhelmed with how disconnected I felt from the merchandise – it all seemed to be poor quality, plastic and uninspired. When I thought about the people who made these items (some maybe even the age of my own children) in terrible conditions, getting paid little for their long hours and hard work, I felt even worse. I want my home to tell a story, but I don’t want that story to include slave labour and hazardous working conditions. Which is why I’m so excited to share this post about the companies and artists who care enough to create ethical, sustainable and beautiful housewares. Continue reading

Hockey Season

While our house may be the place to be in the summer, it’s apparently much less fun in the winter. When I suggest to my daughters that they invite some friends over during the off season I’m told that our house just isn’t cool in the winter. Can you hear my eyes roll from where you are? Luckily for me, our friends made a giant skating rink in their backyard so they now have the coolest house in winter.

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Podcast Episode 7: Janette Ewen

If you’ve watched TV, scrolled through Instagram or opened a design magazine recently then you’ve more than likely come across designer and globetrotting glamour girl Janette Ewen. Janette is Canada’s leading décor and style expert and for more than a decade she’s been sharing her passion for design and fashion to avid fans through magazines, newspapers, TV and social media.

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