Collect Them All!

I love collecting. I love the thrill of the hunt and that feeling of finding that one special piece, or even better, the perfect item you didn’t even know you needed!

I’ve found over the years the best way to live with my collections is to use them. I starting collecting white milk glass when I first got married and the collections has grown to include ironstone and McCoy.  While it’s not overwhelmingly large, it would take up way to much real estate in my kitchen or dining room if I was to display it altogether. So I use pieces all throughout the house. There’s some on display in the dining room. A few hobnail vases corral my kids art supplies, there’s one in the bathroom holding makeup brushes and several as planters.

(the cabinet is from the Canvas Collection at Canadian Tire)

(the paper place cards in the bowl were made by my 6 year old for a holiday dinner)

I also collect spoons. I know how hokey and cliche that sounds but I promise they aren’t hung on the wall in one of those wooden spoon holders. I keep them in a bowl near our coffee maker and each morning when I stir cream into my coffee I’m reminded of all the places we’ve traveled or the special person who gave it to us.

(more pottery put to work holding coffee pods in the background)

I’ve written here before about my love for serving trays –  I’m a serious tray junkie. I have a hard time not bringing one (or two) home every time I’m at a thrift store or a yard sale. They are so useful around the house.

In the kitchen:

living room:

and dining room:

(another new collectible – Blue Mountain Pottery!)

I had a few extra trays laying around and wanted to update our little bar serving area. So I sprayed three cheap thrifted silver-plated trays with a matte black paint and hung them over the table with simple plate hangers. A fast and easy update using my favourite collectible!

I’ll leave my collection of vintage etiquette books, world globes and antique cookie cutters for another day. I may just be a hoarder . . .

For an overdose of collection inspiration I leave you with this look at Jesse Lauzon’s beautiful IG account @jesselauzon. Gorgeously curated collections, perfectly photographed. Sigh!





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