The Good List – Father’s Day Edition

Favourite things  for your favourite guy.

  1. Unbearded: Dacian Draco Double Edge Safety Razor and Groom Shaving Lotion                                                                                                                              Bearded: Honeywood Grooming Oil & Balm and Sandalwood Hair Comb
  2. Artech Studios Upcycled Beer Glasses made from glass blown beer bottles.
  3. BarChef Project Premixed Cocktails – The Toasted Old Fashioned
  4. Juniper BBQ Scraper
  5. Kikuichi Elite Tsuchime Damascus Santoku 180 mm Kitchen Knife
  6. Canadian made Men’s Scoop Bottom T-Shirt from Jerico

The Good List is a curated list of things that are good for you, your community and the planet. 




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