Fill Your Walls With Free (or almost free) Art

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I’m probably late to the party here but have you heard of The site has millions of photos to choose from and the small 8 x 10 size is free! You can order up to 10 prints and pay just the shipping cost. The larger sizes are reasonably priced and can be printed as large as 60 x 90. Most astonishing,  they ship to Canada!  You really have to sift through the photos – many are clip art type stuff that you would never want to put on your walls, but there are some gems. There’s bound to be something you’ll like.

Here’s just a sample of some of the pictures they have:

The website says the watermark will be removed on ordered prints.

They also have some cute watercolour prints like these:

Perfect for the cottage!

I spent way too many cups of coffee looking at this site!

Another great place for amazing pictures is the New York Public Library’s Digital Collection. There are over 700,000 digitized items in this collection that range from incredible photos of the city through the decades, to public domain art, to fashion prints to scientific and medical illustrations.

Here’s a peek at what they have:

From the New York Subways collection. These would look great printed as a triptych.

Or these old photos of National Parks.

Love these illustrations of space.

Fashion prints.

And lots of photos of old New York.

Toronto Public Library also has a catalogue of digital photos of the city through the years. Each photo has a link of where to contact for orders. Here’s just some of my favouites:

Of course there are tons of cute printable quote art, drawings and illustrations that can be downloaded  (legally of course) for free from talented artists and bloggers who make them available on their sites. But if you’re looking for something different try searching these sites first.

Happy Hunting!




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  1. Great and practical tips! I’ll definitely be checking these sites out for artwork. Inspired by your blog.

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