Our Perfectly Imperfect Valentine’s Day


When my husband and I were first married we didn’t make a big deal of Valentine’s. It was after, all just another day. So while other couples splurged on fancy, expensive restaurant meals we chose to celebrate quietly at home. But somehow once we had kids that changed. Valentine’s Day went from a cozy quiet evening into a three-ring circus, complete with a chocolate fountain, elaborate cupcakes and Valentine’s parties. Yes – I became that mom. While other parents shine at Halloween and Christmas, Valentine’s was my moment. I always worked full time and I wanted to let my kids know that in spite of being away from home so much that I could still do all the things the other moms did. So out of guilt I entertained sugar-fueled children, stayed up late handcrafting perfect treats and spent money on gifts that now no one can remember. The funny thing is that this year is the first year that I’m not working full time away from the house and all those things that I did to make Valentine’s perfect, don’t seem important anymore. I finally have the time to make the best Valentine’s Pinterest has ever seen but I just don’t feel the need this year. My children know I love them without having 20 sticky faced friends running around the house to prove it. I didn’t even it push it when my almost 10 year old declared that she was too old to hand out Valentine cards. I may have even breathed a silent sigh of relief. I still wanted to make Valentine’s Day special for my family and I wasn’t ready to completely let go just yet. So here’s what we did:

I handed the treat making over to my oldest daughter. She enthusiastically made chocolates (yes, in her pajamas!) for her sister to hand out to her classmates. They turned out perfectly imperfect and delicious!

We’ve had a busy few weeks and there wasn’t time this year for homemade cards so I had a friend make these cute tag necklaces for my youngest to hand out to all the girls in her class. And the best part was that I didn’t have to stay up all hours putting these together.

Letting go feels good! I’m bringing back the cozy dinner and looking forward to a quiet night in.

In an effect to make our home more authentic, I’m trying to worry less about keeping up with the world around us and pay more attention to the rhythm of our family.

So whether you’re splurging on a fancy dinner, entertaining sticky-faced kiddos or just eat Kraft dinner in front of the TV,  I hope you’re surrounded by the people you love the most. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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