Rock Star Rip-Off

This super quick and easy DIY is 100% inspired (um, more like copied) by the amazing Tanya from Dans Le Lakehouse. Several years ago Tanya posted an art tutorial using framed agate rock coasters. Here’s what she did:

Gorgeous! I tucked this away in the back of head knowing some day I would have the right space for something like this.  Recently I was trying to find the perfect birthday gift for an agate-loving friend when I remember Tanya’s post.

I found my agate rock slices from the Etsy store, The Hollow Geode. This little shop has so many beautiful rocks, it was difficult to choose. I ended up selecting these:

and because I also wanted to make something for myself I bought these:

I picked up several of these frames from IKEA

and just attached the rock slices to a some white card stock and slipped it in the frame. Tanya’s instructions are so much better so please follow hers – I only snapped a few iPhone pics as an afterthought so the quality isn’t great. You can also see I took the easiest route to attach the slices of agate – double sided tape.

Here’s the ones I made as a gift:

and here’s what my completed project looks like:

(I never know what to do with the happy hour corner of the dining room, so I keep changing the artwork up)

This project turned out to be unassuming but full of character.

The pictures aren’t perfect; but let’s blame the lighting, not the photographer, okay?

I made four frames but I felt three was enough in the dining room so I put the forth in the bathroom.

This project was really easy, I worked on it while I made dinner. All six took me maybe 10 minutes. I promise the most time consuming part was unwrapping the frames!

Happy Hunting!




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