The Hunted & Gathered Podcast: Kim Power from Kim Power Style


It’s here! Episode 2 of the Hunted & Gathered Podcast. I’m having so much fun with this. I get to chat with designers, bloggers, DIYers, architects and renovators to find out what’s happening in the world of home design and interiors from the people who are making it happen. This week I’m talking with Kim Power from Kim Power Style.

Kim is the queen of serene blue and white spaces. Don’t you already feel more calm just looking at this room? 


Here’s a peek at her recently renovated office/workroom that she completed for the One Room Challenge. Beautiful!


I think my favourite part of our conversation is when we talk about how easy it is to feel discontented with our homes when we compare ourselves with what others are doing. Kim reminds us that what we see in the squares (the Instagram photos or the Pinterest pins) doesn’t show the whole story or even always the truth – like the messy kitchens and bathrooms. This is definitely a reminder I need! There is so much more happening in my home (and I’m sure this is true of your home too!) than just how it’s decorated. Right now there are piles of books in the living room, wet towels by the pool and a board game in progress on the table. But home isn’t about being perfect, it’s a place where family and friends feel comfortable and accepted. Which, to me, is better than a perfectly styled, photo ready house any day!

A huge thank-you to Kim for being on the show! She was lovely to talk with and her passion for creating home was so inspiring!

Click on the notes below to find more about Kim’s favourite decorators and the go-to decor items she mentioned in the show.

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