Fall Cleaning

There’s nothing like the changing leaves and the crisp breeze blowing through the open windows to get me in the mood for autumn. It’s my favourite season! Back to school, back to routine, back to sweaters and back to soups and baking. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, but there’s something about the fall that makes me feel content and cozy. After a summer of non-stop pool parties, trips to the beach and just kicking around with friends and family outside I’m looking forward to spending more time inside. We closed our pool this weekend and somehow that spurred me right into fall cleaning. As we officially said goodbye to summer and hello to the new season I felt compelled to make take care of all those areas in the house I’ve neglected all summer. Full disclosure – I am a teensy bit of a clean freak. Okay, well maybe more like a full blown addict. But there were still lots of jobs around that house that were overlooked because on a beautiful summer day even the freakiest of clean freaks know when to put the mop down and head out for a picnic. If you are not on Team Clean then perhaps you need some inspiration to start your fall tidy up.

I’m in love with beautiful cleaning supplies and tools. They take the ick out of some of the worst jobs and they don’t leave your house smelling like Mr. Clean just threw up a pine tree in your kitchen. (Just who IS Mr. Clean anyways and why do all those people look so happy when a huge bald man dressed in white shows up in there house as they scrub the shower? I think at any moment he’s going to whip out a strait jacket and take those poor people away!)

I’ve gathered a few of my favourite cleaners and tools that are as beautiful in form as they are in function in the hopes that you will be encouraged to refresh your home for fall.


This pretty feather duster will not only get rid of cobwebs and dust you will also feel like a french maid while you clean – maid’s uniform is optional – I’m not here to judge.


Of course the dream team of any clean freak’s arsenal is the broom and dustpan – this pair gets top marks for performance and looks.

This toilet brush is so nice you could leave it out-


but please don’t! Why is it that it’s acceptable to leave on display the cleaning tool that we use to clean the dirtiest, germ-iest thing in the whole house? You probably wouldn’t keep your broom propped up in the middle of the kitchen so please don’t keep your toilet brush beside your toilet. Here’s a thriftier version.

For everyday scrubbing (that’s right I said everyday – I know I have a sickness) these brushes from Redecker are beautiful and hardworking.

In fact, every product from Redecker is gorgeous, sustainable and made with renewable materials. I bought a few brushes from this family-run company over 4 years ago and they are still going strong!

Upgrade your dish washing experience with these and your family will be fighting over who gets to clean up after dinner (well…maybe…okay, probably not but these items may make washing up not so horrible). wire-kitchen-foldable-dish-rack-o

  1. A copper dish rack so striking it should be kept on the counter so your guests can see how stylish and on trend you are.



2. Who needs to go to the spa when you can have an aromatherapy treatment at home while soaping your dirty dishes in one of these:



3.  The world’s best dishcloth and pot scrubber. Really.norwex

This & these are also kind of great:

Of course you’ll need a cleaning caddy that is equally attractive as your cleaning supplies. I’ve chosen these just for you:


I use natural and homemade cleaning products whenever I can. Vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice are all staples in my cleaning cupboard.  I also use Dr. Bronner’s in my laundry soap and all purpose cleaner. My favourite scent is lavender but I also mix it up with rose or citrus if I’m feeling really adventurous!

 I hope this has inspired you to channel your inner Monica Geller and make your home fresh for fall.

Happy Autumn!

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