The Hunted & Gathered Podcast: Tiffany Pratt

This week on the podcast I chat with Tiffany Pratt. During our conversation I kept thinking “Yes! This girl gets it!”. I was deeply moved by her passion for individuality in design and life. If your home is feeling lackluster and needs revitalization, this episode is for you. If you’re feeling unsure of how to inject your own personality into your space, this episode is for you too. If you love colour, authentic beauty and have your own defined sense of style then you will find a kindred spirit in Tiffany.

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Spring Forward

Spring is almost in reach. Not that the temps around here would have you believe it, but that hour of daylight that we gained over the weekend has me convinced it’s on its way!


Is there any colour that speaks to spring’s verdurous rebirth more than green? I’m currently loving moss green, chartreuse and kelly green. These shades are a bit more warm-weather orientated than their trendy autumnal cousins, hunter, army or pine. Paired with unexpected partners such as coral and pink, these greens will inject spring time freshness into your decor.

Moss Green + Coral


This lovely bedroom by the talented Emily Henderson is the perfect balance of green and coral. The green is grounding while the coral introduces warmth. It’s soothing neutral backdrop keeps this space feeling calm while letting the colours have their say.

Chartreuse + Cobalt


Chartreuse has a reputation of being hard to get along with and being too outspoken. But in the right dose, this colour can be outstanding in a supporting role. Chartreuse also plays nice with brown, grey, purple and teal. The best part is that you only need a small amount of this powerhouse colour to to make an impact.

Kelly Green + Pink + Indigo


This preppy combo scores extra points for being bright, happy and not too trendy. Using the green and blue (a classic colour palette!) as the foundation, fun accents like pink, orange or even yellow can be introduced into this room.

Fresh picked spring-like accents spring for your home:

Abstract Art

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Olive Green Sofa


Coral Paint

Indigo Area Rug

Blissville Glowing Florette Rug   

Watercolour Throw Pillow

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Happy Spring!

The Artisanal Made Home


On a recent trip to a well known home goods store I was overwhelmed with how disconnected I felt from the merchandise – it all seemed to be poor quality, plastic and uninspired. When I thought about the people who made these items (some maybe even the age of my own children) in terrible conditions, getting paid little for their long hours and hard work, I felt even worse. I want my home to tell a story, but I don’t want that story to include slave labour and hazardous working conditions. Which is why I’m so excited to share this post about the companies and artists who care enough to create ethical, sustainable and beautiful housewares. Continue reading

Hockey Season

While our house may be the place to be in the summer, it’s apparently much less fun in the winter. When I suggest to my daughters that they invite some friends over during the off season I’m told that our house just isn’t cool in the winter. Can you hear my eyes roll from where you are? Luckily for me, our friends made a giant skating rink in their backyard so they now have the coolest house in winter.

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The Hunted & Gathered Podcast: Janette Ewen

If you’ve watched TV, scrolled through Instagram or opened a design magazine recently then you’ve more than likely come across designer and globetrotting glamour girl Janette Ewen. Janette is Canada’s leading décor and style expert and for more than a decade she’s been sharing her passion for design and fashion to avid fans through magazines, newspapers, TV and social media.

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A Fresh New Year

It happens every December 27. This is the day that I finally sit back after a month of preparing, decorating, shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking and entertaining and realize just how messy, cluttered and disheveled my house is. It is usually the day that something mysterious overtakes me and I become obsessed with ridding the house of all signs of the Christmas season in an effort to achieve ULTIMATE HOUSE PERFECTION (please read this in your best Masters of the Universe narrator voice).

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A Visit to Feeder Flower Farm

The Hunted and Gathered Blog - Visit to Feeder Flower Farm

Last week I visited Feeder Flower Farms, which is right here in the Niagara Peninsula. This lovely, environmentally responsible farm is known for creating the most beautiful, fresh, bouquets and in the spring, its peonies. Heather and her husband Jay grow all year round on their 16 acre property in Wainfleet. When I met Heather a few weeks ago at a craft show and saw her beautiful wreaths and swags I knew I had to visit her workshop.

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Olive & Cream Cheese Dip: A Holiday Appetizer Recipe Blog Hop


If there’s one thing that frequent entertaining has taught me, it’s how to whip up a good party appetizer. In my books a good app has to be tasty, easy to make, and easy to eat (if you need a fork, it’s out!). So I’m thrilled to join this holiday appetizer recipe hop. Many of my favourite bloggers are taking part in this so I know the recipes are going to be fantastic! Continue reading